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  I can't thank everyone enough for submitting their testimonials. It was such a pleasure reading them and knowing so many people were happy with their results. Thank you again.  
Customer Testimonials
  "I wanted to take this opportunity to Thank You for developing such useful software. I purchased the software and used it every night for a couple of weeks. I took my Certified Residential Exam, and passed with no problem. The knowledge that I was able to retain from this software will aid me in all of my future appraisal practices. I recommend The QuizPrep software to any appraiser that is taking the Certification Exam. If you desire to learn this is the software for you. "
-Randall Price Spartanburg, SC
  "I would have to say that it was the easiest way to prepare for the FHA exam. I spent just a few minutes each day during the week prior to the exam. It took me less than 30 minutes to complete the exam at the testing center. Although they only give you a pass or fail grade, there was not 1 question that I didn't feel confident on."
-Larry Lynn Rocklin, Ca

"Your quizprep program is great!!! The test took me less than 15 minutes to take and I credit that to your program. I just kept practicing over and over to make sure I had it down, and when I got to the actual test, I don't think I ever finished reading a question before I marked the answer."
-Chuck Melton Oklahoma City, OK

  "Hi! Passed my exam on first try in 20 minutes using Quiz Prep! Thanks"
-Ray Rossell Montgomery, AL
  "The software did just as I had anticipated. We passed the test. The tester was all smiles when I finished, but she did not tell me my grade. I take it that I did very well. When I finished, I felt confident within myself that I made at least 90 to 93 on the test. Much Thanks..."
-Marion Parker Broken Arrow, OK
  "The Quiz Prep download I used to study for the FHA test was a great help. Couldn't have done it without it. There are so many possible areas to study, where do you begin? The Quiz Prep narrowed it down. I studied the sample test and did great on the test. Loved the way it kept score then told me my percentage at the end. Thought it was great."
-Dennis Dolan Dolan Appraisal Group Worthington, OH
  "I used your QuizPrep software to prepare for the FHA exam. I had tried using a couple of sets of written notes and tests and I was not retaining much. As it turns out it was good I didn't retain much because some of the information was wrong. After I purchased QuizPrep I spent maybe 15-20 minutes per night 3-4 nights per week taking your practice tests. After a couple of weeks I felt very confident that I knew the information well. When I went to take the exam, it took me 8 minutes to pass. The test monitor thought the system had malfunctioned when my pass sheet came out of the printer after such a short time. I knew the information from taking your practice tests, and the format of the actual test was so close to your practice format, I flew through the test. I have recommended your system to a number of my friends in the business. One guy had already taken the test and failed. He purchased your system and went back with confidence and passed on the second try. He had been to a two day seminar on the FHA regs and still failed the test until he used your software. I think you have a great product, and I'm real happy I found it."
-Michael R. Leamon State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser Advance, NC
  "Your software was a life saver. I am one of those "old timers", appraising for 15+ years, who often think we are too busy, old or tired to really learn something new. But the deadline had passed, and HUD was serious about no extensions, so I had to pass the darn thing. As usual, I waited till the last minute, downloaded your software at about 10 pm Friday night, took the test at 11 am the next morning, felt very good about what I had learned, passed easily. Without you guys, I would have floundered through the Handbook, been ill prepared, and probably flunked. Thanks !!!"
-Tom Waldrup Mayfield KY
  "I would like to thank you for having Quiz Prep on line. Your format was very similar to the FHA test that was given at the local Sylvan Learning Center. It was the best twenty dollars that I have spent this year.
- Sincerely, Alan Sullivan" Alan Sullivan Raleigh, NC
  "The questions were perfect. After studying the questions for a short time I felt like the test was a slam dunk."
-Larry Brooks Nevada City, CA
  "Your quiz was great. It allowed me to go over what I had in book form, on the computer in a similar setting as the actual test. Getting over the way the test would be given was a big plus with alot riding on the passing the test."
-SL Christiansen Port Angeles, WA