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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the system requirements for QuizPrep software?

OS: Windows 95,Windows 98 or Windows XP (Sorry, no Macs) HardDrive Space: 2.5 Megabytes for FHA program and 20 MB for Certification/Licensing program. Everything else: We have found that if you can run Windows 95 or better, you can run our program. (We have not tested this program on Windows NT or Windows 2000).


2. What type of credit cards do you accept?

We gladly accept Visa and MasterCard.


3. I live in a particular State. How do I know that QuizPrep products will help me?

No matter what State you live in, QuizPrep Software will prepare you to pass your exam. For Appraisal Licensing or Certification, all States must abide by certain testing criteria for licensing, certification and recertification of appraisers. This criteria is established by the Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB) of the Appraisal Foundation(A Nationwide Organization established by Congress). The AQB has set up 15 topics and many sub-topics that the appraiser must be tested on (topics differ between certification and licensing). The QuizPrep software was designed to prepare you on these very same topics.

Additionally, the FHA exam is the same throughout the country. QuizPrep has all possible questions and answers you may be tested on. Therefore, it doesn't matter what State you do business in, QuizPrep will dramatically increase your chances of acing the tests!


4. How many questions are in your FHA program?

QuizPrep contains all questions that could be on the actual FHA exam. They are divided into ten 20 question tests and four 50 question tests. These are the most realistic prep tests available! There is no better way to prepare for passing the FHA test than using QuizPrep.


5. Where did you get the answers for the FHA test?

We looked up every answer ourselves in the HUD manual. For answers that were not found in the HUD manual we either called HUD's Help Desk, or found the answers on their web site. This process took a very long time and for only $20 you can have all that research on your computer in just a few minutes (What a deal!).


6. How long will it take for me to download the QuizPrep Software?

Download times vary depending on your connection speed. The FHA program is 2 MB long and takes about 10 minutes on a standard 56K modem. The Certification/Licensing program is much larger at just over 12MB and will take about an hour to download on a 56K modem. If you don't want to download the Certification program, there is an option on the Order page to have a CD shipped to you.


7. I've downloaded your product, but when I double-clicked the icon to install the program, I got an error message and the install process never started. What's wrong?

It's very possible that your connection was cut short before the download was completed. The file size should be approx. 2 mb or 2000kb for the FHA program and 12.6 MB or 13,303kb for the Certification program. If it is smaller than this, then it's likely you need to re-download the product. You can do this at for the FHA program or for Certification/Licensing program. You still need your authorization code to unlock the program after you re-download, so don't lose them. If you don't have your authorization code, you may email us at to get new ones.